This app is designed for non-contact of submission of personal details required by Government for COVID-19 contact tracing.

This app is exclusive only for Cebu Home and Builders Centre and Living N’ Style under the Cebu Oversea Hardware Co. Inc. in the Philippines.

Our security measures in handling the personal details we collect are the following:

  • Physical address collected in not the exact resident address but only the barangay and city.
  • Submission of name, physical address, email is through HTTPS and protected by SSL.
  • The app doesn’t store any personal information but only a GUID.
  • The app has no GET request functionality to protect the data.
  • After the personal data is sent to the Web API through a POST request, the Web API returns a GUID and that GUID is stored in the app and is displayed via QR Code. This is done to de-anonymize the users.
  • The GUID displayed as QR Code is what they’ll scan when they enter our stores.

How the app is used.

The app side.

The app landing screen is the privacy policy explaining how the app is used and the information it collects.

When our customer enters our store, he/she will only need to scan the QR code and we only store the GUID from the QR Code App.

Thank you.