Lighting: Ways to Light Your Homes like a Pro

When improving the lighting of your home, shopping for the right LED lightings can be a challenging task when you are presented with so many options. The quality of light in our homes can affect our eyesight, sleep cycles, mood and ability to concentrate. Different color temperature of LED lights needs to be considered in achieving the proper lighting scheme for a comfortable home. We at Cebu Home and Builders Centre can help make buying the right LED Lights easier for you.  First let’s talk about color temperatures. But remember, this is still a personal preference best chosen according to your intended application and aesthetics.

What Are Color Temperatures?


Color temperature measure in Kelvin (K) is a description of the warmth or coolness of a light source. Different light bulbs emit different color temperatures so here is a quick referrence to keep in mind when selecting the light fixtures for your project.

Warm Light resembles the color of an incandescent light which is looking orange or yellow.

Cool White ranges from Yellow-White (3000K) to White (4000K) to Blue-White (5000K).

Daylight ranges from Blue-White (5000K) to Bright Blue (6500K).



Learning how to light a kitchen is a key component to making your kitchen functional and beautiful. For your kitchen island, the optimal color temperature will be anywhere from 3000k to 3500k. A cool white 4000K is a good choice for kitchen ambient lightings since preparing food requires you to focus and attentive.

Dining Room


Create balanced light in your dining room by providing general lighting as well as accent lighting.  A lone accent lighting such as an over the table chandeliers or pendant lights with a wam light rarely achieves adequate lighting in any room. General lighting from a recessed lights of cool white is an essential component to achieve a well lit dining room.

Living Room


Living room is the focal point in any homes that is why it is imperative to have a proper lighting to create an inviting and comfortable living space. Add personality, style, and function to your living room with layers of elegant light fixtures like table lamps to enhance your experience of a home and improves your quality of life. The ideal color temperature for a living room should be 2700K-3000K.



The most suitable for color temperature for the bedroom is very warm white 2200K – 2700K since the main function of a bedroom is for sleeping. Warmer color temperatures promote feelings of calm, rest and coziness.



The best color temperature for a bathroom is very warm white 2700K since it is calming and relaxing especially when taking a bath. However other common bathroom tasks like grooming, brushing teeth, doing hair and makeup need excellent lighting ideally cool white 4000k. To achieve this, use LED mirrors and mounted lights to illuminate those areas evenly.

Now you have a better understanding about cool temperature and which one is suitable for each room. I hope you find this article useful for your next project. Just visit our lighting section to find your ideal light fixtures from LED lights, light bulbs, ceiling lights, outdoor lights, lamps, chandeliers, pendant lights and more!