Here Are A Must-Have Power Tools for Your Home Upkeep and DIY Projects

With the right tools to make your job faster and easier they can easily transform your workshop into a pro grade job site. Here are seven compact and powerful tools you want to have on your side.

1. Power Drill/Driver:

Hands down to this mostly used power tool that acts as an electric drill and a screw driver. A Power Drill/Driver uses a particular type of drill bit designed specifically for tough materials. This is the tool you would turn to for light tasks like drilling holes to a stone or brick wall.


710W High Commercial and Residential Use

850W Heavy Duty Works and Construction Use

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2Angle Grinder:

This power tool also gets used very often. This uses a thin disks designed for cutting and are super useful for trimming metal pipes, tiles, angle bars or clipping off rusty nail heads. And when fitted with a fat disk, for smoothing out rough spots on metal or concrete, removing rust and sharpening tools.


760W Light Commercial and Residential Use

950W Heavy Duty Works and Construction Use

3. Circular Saw:

Many of you think a saw will be the long blade to slice wood or metal. A circular saw is mostly preferred by carpenters to get an accurate and quick cut for their DIY wood cutting jobs. This uses a toothed blade to cut different materials using a high speed rotary motion.


1,300W Light Commercial and Residential Use

4. Table Saw:

Its basic form consists of a rotary blade poking through the center of a flat worktable. For long cuts you may use a circular saw but the results may be wobbly. For accurate and long cuts, table saw is an absolute must. This is also efficient for vertical cuts called rips or short angled cuts called crosscuts.


1,500W Light Commercial and Residential Use


Jigsaws are a must have tool for woodworkers since this is best used for cutting unusual angles, shapes and curves in wood and also in metal when fitted with the right blade. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned woodworker, jigsaws are easy to use straight out of the box.


800W Light Commercial and Residential Use

600W Residential Use

6. Orbital or Hand Sander:

This is another tool we advise you to invest for ultra-smooth sanding. You can use this to smooth out surfaces such as rough metal, wood or plastic. This tool is also perfect for prepping a surface for painting or sealing, or for knocking down a layer of paint.


230W Light Commercial Use

7. Power Hand Planer:

A power hand planer is used to remove or thin out smaller sections of wood. It performs the same tasks as a manual hand plane but with substantially less effort.

If you need to straighten or smooth wood, a power hand plane is a must for your tool set.


900W Light Commercial and Residential Use

When you visit our store and trying to figure out which power tools to buy. I hope this article will make your decision easier as a professional woodworker or a DIY beginner.

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