MALCO LED Tube LG13 0118 WW


Transform your space with the comforting glow of Warm White light. The MALCO LG13 0118 LED Tube offers a soft and inviting illumination, making it an ideal choice for areas where a touch of warmth is desired, such as bedrooms, living rooms, or hospitality spaces.

EAN: 1400000186886


Enjoy the warmth without being concerned about high energy use. The LG13 0118’s 18W LED technology offers optimal illumination with minimal power consumption, resulting in an energy-efficient lighting option that is both cost-effective and ecologically beneficial. The MALCO LG13 0118 has a sleek and utilitarian design that blends in with a variety of settings. This LED Tube, whether mounted on the ceiling or the wall, lends a sense of modernism to your space while providing steady and homogeneous lighting.

Upgrade your lighting system without breaking the bank. The MALCO LG13 0118 has a user-friendly design that makes installation simple. Easily illuminate your environment and reap the benefits of well-lit surroundings.





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