Megaman Zenia Spike Black


Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the Megaman Zenia Spike Spotlight in a sleek Black finish. This stylish outdoor lighting solution combines aesthetic appeal with versatility, making it an excellent choice for accentuating key features in your garden or landscape.

EAN: 2550000053257


The Zenia Spike Spotlight has a modern design that blends in with modern outdoor aesthetics. The sleek and sophisticated Black finish gives a touch of class to any outdoor space. This spotlight is designed with a spike for ground attachment and allows location flexibility. You may easily place the Zenia Spike in different areas of your garden to highlight specific plants, architectural aspects, or walkways.

The Zenia Spike Spotlight is designed to resist outdoor environments and is built to last. The sturdy design assures endurance and resistance to weather factors, making it appropriate for year-round outdoor use. The spike design makes installation simple, allowing you to anchor the spotlight in the ground without requiring complicated setup processes.





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