Megaman LEDLuminaire DL


Illuminate your space with the Megaman LED Luminaire DL in Daylight. With its energy-efficient technology, modern design, and daylight-inspired color temperature, this luminaire is an excellent choice for achieving efficient, visually appealing, and refreshing lighting in your chosen environment.

EAN: 2550000109152


Megaman’s superior LED technology is used in the Luminaire DL. This assures energy-efficient lighting, which provides brilliant illumination while consuming the least amount of energy, so contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability. The Luminaire DL’s daylight color temperature matches the natural, clean lighting of daylight. This is suitable for areas that require clear and colorful illumination to promote visibility and create a refreshing ambiance.

Megaman is well-known for developing long-lasting lighting solutions. The Luminaire DL is no exception, with an extremely extended lifespan. This makes it a dependable solution for applications requiring constant and long-lasting performance. The Luminaire DL is intended for simple installation. The simple installation technique ensures ease whether you choose to install it yourself or seek professional assistance.





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