RL Ruv-55 Ozone UV Lamp 55W


Invest in the RL Ruv-55 Ozone UV Lamp 55W for efficient UV-C disinfection combined with the benefits of ozone technology, creating a healthier and fresher indoor environment.

EAN: 1400000250785


The RL Ruv-55 employs cutting-edge UV-C technology to target and eliminate pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold. This unit’s robust 55-watt UV lamp produces high-intensity UV-C output for efficient and speedy disinfection. The increased wattage improves the UV light’s efficacy, resulting in the comprehensive and rapid destruction of dangerous germs. While the RL Ruv-55 produces ozone, it is meant to do so in a safe and controlled manner. Ozone production is limited to levels that are effective for air purification while also maintaining safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

The RL Ruv-55 is designed to resist continuous operation and has a long lifespan, delivering reliable UV-C disinfection. This longevity reduces the need for frequent replacements, which contributes to long-term cost-effectiveness.





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